Due to the long and isolated distances in Patagonia, we recommend:

Ensure you never run out of fuel, always fill up your tank when possible and consider carrying an extra tank.

Bring both cash and Argentine pesos as many places don’t have “posnet” and don’t exchange foreign currency.

Keep in mind that in many areas of the region, Wi-Fi is the only means of connectivity. Telephone signal and data are completely unavailable in some routes.

Gravel or dirt roads have a speed limit of 60 km/h. Only Provincial Route 43 and National Route 40 are paved.

Always carry a spare tire.

It is advisable to wear layers and a coat as the temperature in the area can vary greatly.

The intensity of the sun and wind during the day makes it important to wear a hat, sunscreen, and sunglasses.

Make sure you have plenty of food and water reserves.

Maps & brochures

Learn more about the Park with our brochures:

Parque Patagonia

Cañadón Pinturas

Portal La Ascensión

Portal El Sauco

Tourist providers within the Patagonia Park Argentina region

Discover the independent providers offering nature tourism services in the Patagonia Park Argentina region.

El Choique Wildlife Guide, by Facundo Epul

Book your Wildlife-watching and puma-trekking outings.

Whatsapp: +54 9 351 3092452
IG @elchoiqueguia

Guido Vittone

Experienced mountain guide.
Guided outings are organized on request.

Llevar efectivo y pesos argentinos. En muchos lugares no hay “posnet” y no realizan cambio de moneda extranjera.

Chelenco Tours

Travel agency.
Book your personally customised excursions of the area.
Tel/Whatsapp: +54 9 297 520 4598
IG @chelencotoursh

Zoyen Turismo

Travel agency. Book your guided visits to Alero Charcamata archeological site through Zoyen Tourism.

Tel/Whatsapp: 54 9 297 6238811

Pablo Myburg

Visitors can book two-hour and full-day horseback rides. Longer journeys are available on request, with prior reservation.

Tel/Whatsapp: +54 9 2975 40-4155
IG @cabalgataselbs

Learn about the park entrances

There are three entry points to the park, each offering hiking routes of varying degrees of difficulty to explore on foot as well as campsites for overnight stays.