Patagonia Park’s Entrances

There are three entry points to the park, each offering hiking routes of varying degrees of difficulty to explore on foot as well as campsites for overnight stays.

Cañadón Pinturas Entrance

It’s the ideal place to plan routes through Patagonia Park and consider distances to and from each entrance.

La Ascensión Entrance

A former cattle ranch that’s open to the public now features over forty kilometers of trails, providing access to both Lake Buenos Aires and the plateau that shares its name.

El Sauco Entrance

El Sauco is situated in Patagonia National Park, 24 km from Route 40.


Scenic Route 41

Route 41 runs from the town of Los Antiguos to Lago Posadas and continues until it connects with the Perito Moreno National Park.

Views of the Lake Buenos Aires plateau and Cerro Colorado can be seen from where the Zeballos glacier, which supplies water to Los Antiguos, is located. The route has landmarks along the way indicating the best places to stop to enjoy the scenery.

* There is an audio guide available