​​The entrance to the area has an extensive network of trails with varying levels of difficulty. Visitors can enjoy looped walking and hiking trails while also observing wildlife. From the Information Center, visitors can embark on an excursion to Lake Buenos Aires, or to the neighboring plateau, which requires longer than a day to complete. The area also boasts attractive rock formations and landscapes, teeming with abundant wildlife such as guanacos, foxes, pumas, rheas, condors, and a variety of birdlife.

Horseback Riding

El Buen Samaritano’s horseback rides offer a pleasant way to experience La Ascensión. These half-day trips take you through scenic grasslands to the shores of Lake Buenos Aires and are great for the whole family. If you have more time, consider a full-day tour that includes visits to old ranch shelters and field posts on the way to the Lake Buenos Aires plateau. For those who want to make a longer trip, multi-day excursions are available starting from Los Antiguos and taking you along scenic Route 41 to Lago Posadas. Head to the Information Center at the entrance for more information.

Where to Stay

Caburé Campsite

There is a camping site situated near the lake that offers grills, wind-protected tables, pit toilets, and shelters. These shelters are connected to a series of trails that permit excursions to the Buenos Aires Lake plateau. To make use of the shelters, inquire at the entrance centre.

The campsites are free and operate on a first-come, first-served basis. No prior reservation is necessary.

Neighbouring Communities

Perito Moreno

Perito Moreno, located on the RN 40, is a convenient stop for refueling, shopping, and accessing an ATM. Before visiting the Cueva de las Manos park, we recommend a visit to the Carlos Gradin Archeology Museum, which provides an excellent introduction to the region’s first hunter-gatherers’ way of life. You can also check out the famous Cafe Iturrioz located in the beautiful Iturrioz building, where you can enjoy a drink at the bar and explore the art exhibitions frequently held there.

Perito Moreno Tourism Office
Av. San Martín corner National Gendarmerie
Tel/WhatsApp: +54 9 297 623 8811
+54 9 297 418 1910

Los Antiguos

This charming town is situated near the Chilean border and rests on the edge of Lake Buenos Aires, at the base of the mountain range. It’s renowned for the abundance of cherry farms that produce a variety of other delectable fruits. The lake offers water activities, including kite and windsurfing, as well as fishing. Exploring the various viewpoints around the city is a must, as the stunning views of the productive valley, the lake, and the mountains are breathtaking.

Los Antiguos Tourism Office
Lago Buenos Aires 59
Tel/WhatsApp: +54 9 2976 21-2055

Other entrances

Hay tres portales de acceso al parque y todos cuentan con circuitos para recorrer a pie —de distintos niveles de exigencia— y campings para hacer noche.